Downloading or Printing a Register Report WITH CATEGORIES

I am trying to download all register entries into excel, but the register reports & the download to excel does not include category. I basically want my report/excel sheet to look just like my 1-line register.

I have several accounts that no longer have new activity, but suddenly, they have balances again. I went back to an old backup where the registers are correct & have a 0 balanced. I want to compare the old register with the new (corrupted) register to see where the problem is.

Any suggestions?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Using R29.22 I just did a test of a bank Account register report and the Categories associated with the transactions showed up on both the report itself and in the export to Excel. 
    What version of Quicken are you running?
    When you run a register report it first shows up as a new report on your screen, and that report can be customized.  If you click the customization gearwheel and look at the "Show Columns" area of the Display tab, is "Category" ticked?  You might also try clicking the "Reset Columns" button and see if that changes the report.