Anyone else disappointed?

I am so disappointed in the new upgrade. No graphic in the Net Worth reports. Over time graphics work so much better - and easy glance to see how you have done. Really preferred the nice columns of the bar graph to the lines, but even the lines were better than NOTHING but numbers (down to the penny) that have to be scrolled through instead of a visual picture of how you are generally doing after 20+ years.


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    @Barbara O'Keeffe  None of the modern reports in Quicken Mac provide graphs, so this is nothing new. There are just two of the old reports remaining from the predecessor program that show graphs. 

    You should visit this Idea thread about adding graphs for reports to cast your vote and enter your comment explaining where you think graphs would be desirable. 

    I don't think we've seen anything yet from the development team to indicate whether adding graphs for reports is on their future roadmap or not. They may feel that since all reports are now exportable, that users who want graphs can get them with a few clicks to export and create a graph in Numbers or Excel.
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