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I have a Quicken Deluxe membership good till May 1 2021. I bought the same Quicken deluxe at Office max on CD. Should I wait till May to install it, or will it extend my membership till May 2022 automatically ?

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  • lgent8
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    Thank you splasher
  • jfclague
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    splasher said:
    You have to wait until only 6 months is left on the subscription before applying the next membership.
    BTW, don't think of buying a bunch of them because you found a good deal, the activation codes expire two years after they are generated and we think that they are generated in the Oct/Nov time frame, though I have never seen an official statement to confirm that.
    Just to clarify, if lgent8 waits to at least only 6 months left and uses the new CD, it will extend his/her membership until May 2022?

    I am in a similar circumstance so I wanted to clarify.

  • Bioman
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    yes, I did this last year. Don't have to install CD, just enter new Key within Quicken under Help menu.
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