Split transactions with different dates

I have an FSA Spending account to keep track of how much money I have in my FSA account. Is there a way to have the split transaction be on a different date the the original transaction.

Here's an example. Everything starts from the Credit Card transaction which has these SPLIT amounts.

1) [Credit card] account purchase for the FSA items amount charged $10
2) [FSA Spending] account transfer for the claim -$10
3) [Checking] account deposit when FSA pays me back $10

This works fine except for the 3rd item since the FSA payback deposit to the checking account could take more than a week or two to receive from the FSA plan. I can't seem to figure out a way to do this in Quicken. And I really don't want to create various multiple transactions in the Credit Card, FSA Spending, and Checking accounts since these should all be tied together somehow.


  • jrich75
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    One way is to create a pass-through account typically used for payments in transit.  The [Checking] deposit would change to [In-Transit], or something like that.  You would then need an additional transaction to move the deposit from that account to [Checking] when the payback occurs.  I do this all the time for accounts that insist on mailing withdrawals to the address of record which are then deposited elsewhere once I get them.

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  • splasher
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    There can only be one date associated with a transaction and if it involves transfers, all of the transfers will have the same date.
    I would split it into two transactions, one for the purchase on the credit card and the second would be a transfer from the FSA to Checking.
    It is what is really happening, since the CC transaction is date-wise independent of the FSA->Checking transfer.

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