Fidelity accounts - Quicken changing stock symbols

I was getting downloaded values that did not match on line values at Fidelity. Finally found that Quicken has changed two stock symbols and put in prices for Quicken's new stock symbols. The two correct symbols are RIO and SAN. What would they be changed to something different. By the way the symbols have not changed. They have been RIO and SAN.


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    What were they changed to?
    And, what Q  product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  You can find this info at HELP, About Quicken.
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  • I have noticed and had to spend a considerable amount of time in correcting errors after downloads from Fidelity Investments since mid November.
    These include:
    Recharacterizing investment accounts from Complete to Simple.

    Changing investment type of Stock to Bond with a consequent change in
    holding quantity and price causing a very large distortion in value of the
    holdings affected.

    Changing transaction actions from Buy to Added and Sold to Removed with a
    consequent deletion of the cash for these transactions.

    Price downloads of $1 for seemingly random investments.

    I am running Quicken for Windows V. R30.10, build
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    I think you have stumbled into a couple of different issues ....
    - Fidelity and the $1.00 quote price
    - Differences with how the Quicken Register reflects - Complete vs Simple
    Not sure on your symbols getting changed, as I didn't see old vs changed ?

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