Where does the Dashboard view on the Investing tab get its data from?

It seems that the Dashboard view gets its data from a different source than the Portfolio view. On the dashboard view the share balance for one and only one security is off by a lot. Compare the share balances for Fidelity Contrafund on the two attached screenshots. The number on the Portfolio view is correct. I have seen other users report it being off by a ratio of 2x but here the difference is more like 1.6x. Here are things I have tried:
1. I reverted to version 29.22, no change.
2. Thinking that a 10:1 stock split that occurred in August 2018 might be the culprit I restored a backup file from June 2018, but the difference was still there. I have not bought or sold any shares of that fund since well before that split occurred.
3. I ran a Security report for Fidelity Contrafund, exported the report to Excel and added up all of the shares bought and sold, and the total quantity on the report was correct.
Please note that I have been investing in this fund since 1993 and have been using Quicken since well before that, so whatever is wrong could go back a long ways.

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    That was it, thank you. I found a couple of accounts that now belong to my grown children that also held that fund.