Memorized payee list - I don't want it to add a new line for category for existing payees

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Example: I have "Amazon" as a memorized payee. I have it locked, with the category blank, and the amount blank. When I add a new transaction, I manually choose the category (for example, "groceries") and enter the amount (for example, $35.00). When I go back to the memorized payee list, it's created a new entry under "Amazon" with "groceries" as the category and "$35.00" as the amount. Because the payee "Amazon" is locked, when entering subsequent Amazon transactions, the category is always blank and the amount is zero (as I want them to be). But ... is there a way to keep the memorized payee list from adding new entries every time I manually choose a category for new transactions?

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  • RickO
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    Go to Quicken > Preferences > Register and uncheck the box indicated below:

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  • I'm using Quicken for Windows, so option #2 did the trick! Thanks so much; this was driving me crazy! --Pam