Bond "type" no longer downloads security quotes since Version 5.17.6

In older Quicken vers Version 5.17.6 it was possible to list bond ETFs in the "Bond" type to distinguish them from equity ETFs. These would update prices for the ETFs thoughout the trading day. In the newer versions of Quicken for Mac the "Bond" types no longer update the ETF types. This makes separation of bond investments from stock investments more opaque.


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    Yes, this is a known issue since mid-October, but Quicken hasn't given any ETA on when it will be fixed. You can read about it here; here's the essence:
    This is a known issue and is currently being investigated it has been discovered that this issue is due to a recent change in getting price updates.

    Securities with incorrect details were causing errors that slowed down updates so at this time only securities of the type 'Stock" an "Mutual Fund" will update.

    You may work around this issue by navigating to Window > Security list and editing the types to be a stock or mutual fund.

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    Thanks for erifying issue
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