Why is my Memorized Payee List empty?

So, from my previous question about Memorized Payee List:
I've tried to restore from a backup - no change in behavior
I've attempted to use Ctrl M to memorize the payee of multiple transactions - still no Memorized Payee List
I've tried manually creating payees - again no payees listed
I've tried exporting - nothing in the list

I guess my Memorized Payee List is simply broken...how can that happen and how do I fix it?


  • walbal88
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    Well... it appears nothing works... I tried to enter a couple of transactions - one manually and one from my Bill Reminders - they wouldn't save... I think my version of Quicken is just broken...
  • UKR
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    Once a data file shows up with errors, no matter where it resided, network or internal hard drive, the file is broken. Reinstalling the software will not magically repair a broken file.

    I recommend you restore your Quicken data file from a Manual or Automatic Backup taken prior to the problem first occurring, if necessary going back to older backups until you find a file that does not exhibit these symptoms.
  • wdonbrown
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    memorized payee list empty - again!  Here's what i tried, twice!  restore a backup from a few days ago.  Memorized payees are present.  download transactions and reinput manual transactions since that backup - at least the ones i remember.  check and memorized transactions are present.  save the backup and save a copy under a new name as well.  Open the new copy, no memorized payess.  open the backup, no memorized payees!   GRRRRR
  • UKR
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    wdonbrown said:
    memorized payee list empty - again!  ...

    The Sync process may be the culprit here. So, after restoring a good backup copy do NOT run One Step Update or Sync!

    Are you Syncing to Mobile/Web?
    AND do you use the Mobile app on your smartphone or the Quicken on the Web feature?

    If you answer "no" to both, turn Sync off completely. You don't need it. The Sync process should only be used in conjunction with the Quicken app for Smartphones or the Quicken on the Web browser app. It cannot be used as a replacement for backing up and restoring your Quicken data file.

    If yes, try to Reset Sync so that the current cloud sync file is replaced with a fresh complete copy
    Do note that a full Sync process may take many minutes to complete.

    Log out of your mobile app, then do this on your desktop / laptop:

    How to reset Sync to Cloud

    1. Go to Edit / Preferences / Mobile and Web
    2. Click the "Reset your cloud data" link and follow the instructions until it is complete.

    How to turn off Sync to Cloud for the current data file

    1. Go to Edit / Preferences / Mobile and Web
    2. Change the Sync radio button and set it to OFF

  • wdonbrown
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    Thanks UKR. Thank you. after many step by step i managed to get a file updated along with the Memorized Payee List remaining present. In order to do this, one has to check that mobile web 'sync on" is not active before running the one step update. I had turned that off before the error recurred today. Now I'm thinking each time there is an update from Quicken it might get turned back on automatically - or its getting turned back on some other way. I am tiring of Quicken. It has gotten more and more troublesome, especially it's almost daily issues with account download connections. And now, it's more expensive. This will drive us long time (since before 1990 I believe) users away.
  • wdonbrown
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    edited January 2021
    Bad news. This AM i opened Quicken and confirmed payee list was present. I checked that Mobile Web Sync showed off. I updated the file. posted some transactions and then closed quicken. This afternoon i opened it to make a posting and the memorized payee list is empty again.!!
    I am going to give '[removed - no soliciting]' a try with their 15 day free trial.
  • wdonbrown
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    Really strange. today opened last file with memorized payees present. I checked and all payees were present. I checked sync was off. I updated and payees still present. I posted the txns. I checked and payees were still present. I closed the file. then reopened a minute later and payees are missing.
  • wdonbrown
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    I think I found where the issue occurs. Whenever I close a file with a good memorized payee list, the payee list is not present when I reopen that file. (no difference if I close using the "X" in upper right or use File/Exit). If I save a file with memorized payees present using "File/Save as", that file will have the payee list present when its reopened. If Quicken runs an update it automatically closes the file and therefore the payee list is blank when the update reloads the file.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @wdonbrown

     Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    I would recommend running the Validate & Repair tool on the data file from the File menu > File Operations > Validate & Repair option.

    In the Validate File window that opens, click the top box to "validate file" and then click OK.

    When the validation completes, a data log will open in Notepad, please let us know if any errors or issues are found/repaired, and when ready close and re-open Quicken.

    Please let us know what you find!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • swensen
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    This is what helped me fix this issue:
    "I suggest you save a backup (press Ctrl + B) and rebuild the Memorized Payee List (press Ctrl + Shift and select Tools > Memorized Payee List)."
    - Quicken user since DOS version 1993
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