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Investment Account difference between the Desktop and mobile App

I have an investment account on the Desktop (Windows) that agreed to the bank balance. When synced to the Mobile APP the amount on the Mobile APP is significantly inflated. I have reset my cloud data and followed all recommended steps to clear up cloud corruption with resolution to this issue.

Is there a way to identify what is driving this variance?


  • JerryMJerryM Member
    ... with no resolution...
  • Hello @JerryM

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. That is odd that it's inflated comparatively. If you click on the account does it show any differences when it comes to the accounts or are they the same as well? 

     Another thing here is we can also double check the desktop on the web application to see if we're having similar issues on there as well. You can check by going to https://www.quicken.com/ and then hovering over sign in you'll see the on the web option. Depending on if the web app is also giving you a different number than it should be we'll see what we can try next to get them synced properly. 

    Let us know once you get the chance!


    Quicken Francisco

  • JerryMJerryM Member
    Your response was very helpful. While looking at Quicken on the Web I noticed that an investment appears on the Web Version that is not in my Brokerage account and does not appear anywhere in the Quicken Desktop file. I searched all of the detail transactions and that holding is just not there. How can this happen?
  • JerryMJerryM Member
    I also reset my cloud data and nothing changed.
  • JerryMJerryM Member
    Problem solved: I changed my Cloud Dataset name and the system removed QDF from the end of the name. This account is now syncing properly.
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