Shortcut for "File Backup"

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Create a key shortcut for "file backup", presumably "Ctrl B". Almost every program I use has this combination to create a backup. It seems like a GIANT oversight. It appears it is functional in Quicken for Windows so why not here?


  • jacobs
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    @Bobfrost  You can easily set up a keyboard shortcut for this. (And for any other menu command.) It's built into macOS.

    (Side note: I don't know if you'd want to use Command-B, since that is the shortcut for bold in most applications. Maybe use Command-Shift-N or Command-Option-B? Or use Command-B if you prefer.)

    To create or edit shortcuts in any application…
    • Open System Preferences
    • Select Keyboard
    • Select Shortcuts
    • On the left side, select App Shortcuts
    • On the right side, click +
    • Application: pull down and select Quicken
    • Menu Title: type "Save a Backup..." (no quote marks, but otherwise type it exactly the way it appears on the menu)
    • Keyboard Shortcut: type the command key you want to associate with that menu command, such as Command-B or Command-Option-B
    • Close System Preferences
    • Quit and re-launch Quicken.
    • Look on the File menu, and you should now see the command key you assigned to the right of the Save a Backup command.
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