How do I access previous period reconciliations

I am new to Quicken. I have not been able to find where Quicken stores reconciliations for prior periods. The competing application that I have used for the past few years stores all prior reconciliations as period statements. Does Quicken do anything similar or does it just toss the reconciliations upon completion?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @Daffy Duck

    Quicken does not automatically "store" a reconciliation for the user.  You can print a completed reconciliation to pdf and most folks who want to save reconciliations do it immediately after completing the reconciliation process.  So, only the last reconciliation that was completed will be available after it is completed up until the user does another reconciliation.


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  • Daffy Duck
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    Reconciliations was one area where I felt Quicken was significantly lacking compared to the other product I elected to use. I am very pleased with the recent upgrades of Quicken's reconciliation process. The concept of accessing prior reconciliations would be a great additional step.
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