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Re: ONGOING 11/27/20 PNC Returns CC-502/102 Error

Jay GourleyJay Gourley Member ✭✭
This issue was reported "resolved" a few days ago in ongoing problems. However, whenever I try to set up sync and after being challenged for a confirmation code, I am told the PNC server is not available. This has been the same result for a few days now. I suspect the issue is not resolved, despite the report by Quicken.

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  • Jay GourleyJay Gourley Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Sherlock. You are right. I misread the posting that only said the direct connection part of the issue had been resolved. Not the web connect part. My mistake.
  • SDDSDD Member
    Just confirm that this is still an issue, CC-502. Still receiving it and I deactivated all my accounts with PNC and even did the export from PNC to upload info to Quicken, because that usually fixes things but I am still not able to get any downloads or even sign up for them from PNC web or direct.
  • jfclaguejfclague Member ✭✭✭✭
    Have you tried adding a new PNC account and when it searches for new accounts, you will get a screen that will allow you to add a new account or link an account to a current PNC account.

    I had an issue where it would allow me to reactivate an account so I tried the above method and it allowed me to link the account and all is good.

    Just a thought.
  • Lisa BynumLisa Bynum Member ✭✭
    I have tried ALL work arounds that used to reconnect/download my transactions but none work now and my accounts are disconnected with no way to add them back. Quicken support says there are no options until this is fixed.

    PLEASE FIX THIS QUICKEN!! And, if all those impacted by this issue haven't already also contacted PNC, I recommend you do that too. Hopefully with pressure to Quicken and PNC this will be resolved quickly.

    I will have to switch to another software if this isn't resolved. I've used Quicken since 1995 and I really don't want to do that but have to if you can't connect to my financial institutions.
  • muggsrenomuggsreno Member
    edited December 2020
    i have been getting the above error for well over a month now. when trying to update my account transaction with PNC the error keeps showing up. It says to try later and i do and still same problem. I see there has been a notification of this problem but lasting over a month in this generation seems strange. Please advise if i should try another way to update my accounts.
  • FrankxFrankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @muggsreno,

    I suspect that your method of connecting with PNC is "Express Web Connect".  If that is true, the best way to avoid that problems that you've been experiencing lately is to change the connection type to "Direct Connect".  Quicken users who have PNC Bank accounts that connect via "Direct Connect" have not be experiencing the recent issues those using Express Web Connect have.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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  • Tom SchaeferTom Schaefer Member ✭✭
    It was only yesterday that I went to this forum to try to figure out why I have been having issues with PNC this past month. I figured my wife changed passwords and didn’t tell me. I cannot believe that a software company that specializes in bringing their client’s financial information from multiple sources so that we can manage our lives allows this to go unfixed for over a month! Either they don’t care or they are not very good at what they do. Which is it?
  • I have been locked out of my PNC download since October 17 th does anyone know if they are working on this or not…????
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Intuit continues to have difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect connection method for Quicken.  If you are not willing to accept the unreliability of this connection method, I suggest you use the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-quicken-connects-your-bank
    Quicken user since 1997
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  • Exactly how do you do switch to Direct Connect?
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    Mint user 2010-2019
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  • jfclaguejfclague Member ✭✭✭✭
    If you have a PNC credit card, you can't use direct connect
  • friedmalfriedmal Member
    This morning, the 502 error message reappeared when trying to download account information from PNC Bank. I thought that this was resolved.
  • BNTBNT Member ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    last week I deactivated and reactivated my link to PNC and online update worked until today. Same CC501 error occuring
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quicken user since 1997
    Premier on Windows 10
  • jfclaguejfclague Member ✭✭✭✭
    Try selecting the PNC acct. and select update now. That worked for me this morning.
  • selldanselldan Member ✭✭
    Add a mobile phone number to your PNC account profile. Worked for me and several others.
  • Old GuyOld Guy Member ✭✭
    Well over a month. Please find a resolution.
  • BNTBNT Member ✭✭
    So I have tried to update from the account update now and I get the same message and I have a cellphone on my PNC account security. I occasionally get this problem with USBANK when I don't have any transactions to down load but that's not the case with PNC.
  • jfclaguejfclague Member ✭✭✭✭
    BNT said:
    So I have tried to update from the account update now and I get the same message and I have a cellphone on my PNC account security. I occasionally get this problem with USBANK when I don't have any transactions to down load but that's not the case with PNC.
    Try adding a new PNC acct. and linking to your current accts. (that has also worked for me).
  • thecreatorthecreator SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi All,

    Include the type of Checking Account you have with PNC Bank. Virtual PNC Checking Account, hardly works with Quicken, while PNC Bank Standard Checking Accounts, works really good with Quicken.
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    Note: Product What's New in Quicken is grayed out.. Also Year is stuck on 2020 and Copyright Date is stuck 2018 in About Quicken.

    View: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7859218/work-with-copies-of-your-actual-quicken-data-files/p1?new=1

  • Tom SchaeferTom Schaefer Member ✭✭
    I will include a Screen Capture of my error message
    I do use a real PNC Banking Account
    I run Quicken on a MacBook
  • selldanselldan Member ✭✭
    i simply added a mobile number to my PNC account profile. That has solved the problem for several of us.
  • I have not been able to update my account for Quicken from PNC since the end of October. I am getting very impatient as we near the end of the year!
  • Still receiving a CC-502 or 102 error when attempting to update accounts with PNC Bank using the Express Web Connect method. PNC is our main bank with 5 accounts. How long is this going to take to fix?

    and Why are we not allowed to comment on the original thread? Are you trying to hide this?
  • Lisa BynumLisa Bynum Member ✭✭
    My issues appear to have been resolved. After weeks of not being able to reconnect my accounts for this 502 error message, I received a message from PNC that it was fixed (I had reported the problem to them, too). I was able to reconnect all 4 accounts and download transactions. I've successfully downloaded a couple of times since, too.
  • Jay GourleyJay Gourley Member ✭✭
    Congratulations, Lisa. It's not fixed for me.
  • Tom SchaeferTom Schaefer Member ✭✭
    Not fixed for me either. Same Error. ccscrapte.102
  • JGurgaJGurga Member
    Cannot connect to PNC Mortgage account since October. The lack of information and any sense of urgency is frustrating and BS.
  • ToGo109ToGo109 Member ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    It's on again/off again that when I update my PNC credit cards, I get the CC-102 error. As I have done in the past, when I reset the connection using the account settings window, it updates okay again.
    It's highly annoying that this is a repeat problem and I would truly appreciate it if Quicken and PNC can get coordinated so this no longer occurs. This is going on 2 months.
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