Adding new Fidelity Accounts - Question & Error

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I moved some retirement funds to Fidelity and, as expected, when the transfer occurred, the old linked accounts went to zero. Should these old accounts now be marked as closed, or deleted?

Also, when I opened Quicken it reported an error updating the Fidelity account which I expected as I had changed the password. I updated the password, in Quicken and then, Quicken recognized and reported that there were new accounts at Fidelity. I linked each one and Quicken reports all the investments in each account correctly but for some reason, two (out of 3) of the new accounts show a significant cash amount, on a line beneath all the investments, which is not anywhere in the Fidelity account info. This is definitely an error and I can't figure out how it occurred or how to get rid of this amount. The other data above this cash line appears to agree with the actual Fidelity info, allowing for small real-time market variations.


  • Moskose
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    I spoke to Quicken support and have confirmed that the incorrect info is coming from Fidelity. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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    I would simply hide the old accounts. That way the transactions will still be accessible and you can edit them if you want.

    Assuming the securities were purchased in the past few days, the cash may not have cleared yet, and hopefully the cash balance will go to zero when that happens. Please post back if not.
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