Vanguard new investment platform

I recently transferred my Vanguard accounts to their new investment platform but when I update transaction into Quicken it only shows the amounts transferred out leaving a zero balance according to Quicken?! How do I get the amounts that were transferred IN?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Are these accounts that you transferred from Vanguard's legacy mutual fund-only platform to the newer brokerage platform? (Note the 401(k) platform is different I think)

    What exactly happens when you transfer money into the new account? Are you seeing a downloaded XIn transaction with a zero amount, or no transaction at all?

    If no transaction at all is downloaded when you transfer money into the Vanguard account, are you sure you are transferring the money to the correct (new) account? Do you see the transfer on Vanguard's website?
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  • Grandma B
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    Thanks for your quick reply. I tried adding a new account from Vanguard and quicken 'found' the 'new' accounts and downloaded them. All monies are accounted for in quicken now. Whew --- And yes online at Vanguard it did show both old and new platforms. I had thought about 'adding' new accounts but hadn't tried that - yet. Whew -- all is good now. A couple transactions for dividends and interest downloaded in both accounts but that was easily remedied by deleting them in the old accounts since happened after the transfer to the new platform. Thanks again.