How do I create a report of uncleared transactions in a credit card account?

We have about 30 transactions in a credit card account that don't appear on statements and they don't belong in other credit card accounts. I want to make a report of those transactions. I can't figure out how to customize a report to do that. I selected 2019, just that credit card account, included all categories and payees, and selected "not cleared" on the Advanced tab. I was told that there were no results using those filters. What am I doing wrong?



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    It sounds like you are on the right track. Did you check all the other tabs in the report customization popup to make sure that something is being excluded that should be included, instead?  I would make sure the boxes for "Show (hidden categories)" on the Categories tab and for "Show (hidden tags)" on the Tags tabs are checked before clicking on "Select All".
    I find that the one tab that gives me the most issues because I tend to forget to thoroughly check it is the Advanced tab...especially related to transfers, subcategories and tax-related transactions.  I would think you would want the Advanced tab to look like this:
    Does any of this help?

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    Hi @Nardar,

    It is difficult to understand exactly which selections you've made above - some of them seem to be on point, but it is not clear which type of "report" those steps are producing.  Also - I am wondering why you seem to limit the report to "2019" - is that because all the transactions you want to report on are in that year?

    To generate a report that will produce for all "uncleared" transactions in an account, you need to do the following:

    1) Open up the credit card account register (the one with the problem);
    2) Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right;
    3) Select "More Reports" > the click "Register Report";
    4) In the new pop-up window > click on the "Gear" icon and in the new pop-up window, select the "Advanced" tab;
    5) In the "Status" box - remove the check marks from both "Newly cleared" and "Reconciled" BUT leave the check mark for "Not cleared";
    6) Click  "OK"

    Let me know if this has produced the information you wanted or if you have followups.


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    Other than trying to customize a report, have you worked with the Filter fields in the account register view?
    First set the 3rd filter field to "Unreconciled". That should filter the view to show all transactions not marked reconciled.
    Does that show you what you want to see?
    Set the 1st filter field from "All Dates" to "Last Year" (this will show 2019 transactions while we're still in 2020) or "Custom" and set a date range
    Once the view shows only the transactions you're interested in, press CTRL-P to generate a Transaction Report, optionally with Split category detail.
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    I have a saved report just for this purpose to find uncleared transactions in my banking & spending accounts.
    Start with Reports > Banking > Transaction.
    Customize to include only the account(s) in question, the date range if you want to restrict it (I don't), and ensure only "Not cleared" status is checked on the Advanced customization tab.
    There shouldn't be anything more to it than that. Sometimes the critical factor is starting with the best report for the job.

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