Total Market Value off by 400%

I have a new 529 investment account with American Funds. I started with $10,000. (Round numbers only.) On the American Funds web site, they show a market value of $10,000. But Quicken (version R30.14, build shows a Total Market Value of $40,000. I wish! So I deleted the account, shut down Quicken, restarted, and entered the account again. I went to the Online Center, hit Update/Send, and the Total Market Value again shows $40,000. Yet when I select the Holdings tab in the Online Center, it shows only $10,000. Something is messing with the Total Market Value. This overstates my total investments by $30,000. What's happening?


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    Please provide the version of Quicken being used: select Help > About Quicken

    I suggest you compare the Holdings view in the Account Overview window (open the account and select Holdings) with the Holdings tab in the Online Center.  I suspect you may find the issue is a difference in the Quote/Price.   This may happen, for example, if you have mismatched the security ticker symbols.
  • That was it! Thanks so much. Ticker symbols mismatched. Not sure how irt happened, 'cause I know I didn't do it. (I think.) But it's solved, so doesn't matter anymore. Thanks again.