Lifetime Planner Issue - Unable to link home asset and mortgage liability accounts

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I have been working in the Lifetime Planner. I have not spent much time in this area of Quicken but find it potentially helpful so far. I am still inputting data. I have run into an issue when adding Assets under Current Homes & Assets. When I select an asset (a home) and try to add the loan associated with the asset it does not populate the loan. I have the asset and the loan linked in Quicken otherwise. But they do not show up as linked in the Lifetime Planner essentially. I have done alot of troubleshooting but still cant resolve the issue. The help in the Lifetime Planner on this topic says the loan should populate if already entered & linked in Quicken in general. I have 3 asset accounts (homes) each with linked loans in Quicken. None of the asset accounts (homes) show the linked loans in the Lifetime Planner........... Any others have this issue before?


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    A odd problem for sure.  It smells like a configuration issue, but in your description you've got the asset (house) and liability (loan) linked.

    Unfortunately, I've not come across this issue and I could not reproduce it in my LTP test file using R30.14.  In my test file, I am using manual loan account.   Perhaps the illustrations and your responses below will help jog other user memories/experiences!

    Just in case I misunderstood your description.... Your asset and liability is linked as shown in image 1 and 2, correct?   Check both account details dialog to ensure they are referencing each other.  To get there...right click on the account and select Edit/Delete account to bring up the Account Details dialog.

    1 Asset Account Details

    2 Liability Account Details

    If they are configured correctly, go into Lifetime Planner>Planning Assumptions>Current Homes and Assets>Edit.  Image 3 below.

    You mention seeing your home asset in the Quicken Planner: Asset Accounts dialog.  When you select the home asset and click on Loans button to display the Quicken Planner: Loans dialog, you DO NOT see your linked loan account, correct? Is the loan table completely blank or does it show a gray-out loan?  If its grayed-out, then can you uncheck the Exclude from Plan box?

    3 Quicken Planner: Loans

    In my testing, if you have the asset and liability linked you should see the loan appear in both the dialog in image 3 AND under Planning Assumptions<Current Loans.  Image 4

    If the asset and liability are not linked correctly then you will see a blank table in image 3 but still see a loan in the Planning Assumptions>Current Loans section.

    4  Current Loans

    Perhaps a few other things to check/try....
    1. Backup your data file
    2. Consider updating to the latest available Quicken version, if not already.
    3. Try unlinking and relinking your asset and liability accounts
    4. <Edit> Try creating a new manual (test) loan and link to the asset to rule out existing loan issue.  Same with your asset account.
    5. Try a file>file operations>validate and repair.  Perhaps there is some unusual error in your data file.
    6. Restart/reboot and see if any of these things
    7. Reach out to Quicken support if the community hasn't help solved the issue
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    @Scooterlam. Wow!!! First let me say thank you so much! You have your finger on the issue perfectly. I have done everything in your very thorough list except 7. Which I hate doing. What I have figured out is that manual loans created in lifetime planner will link there and in Quicken. But the opposite is not true. All three of my mortgages are linked online to their respective banks. The other thing I did is uninstall and reinstall Quicken. I have had more problems with Quicken in that last couple of months than I ever remember as an at least 10 year user. I experienced the issue many had of accounts being deleted with a Express Web Connect update. Talk about having fits. I run my rental property business with Quicken.... anyway the uninstall and reinstall didnt resolve this issue, but maybe it needed to be done. I will likely torture myself more trying to get this issue resolved and then maybe I will call support. I've not had good outcomes with them in general. Main issue being I cant understand them and feel it rude to say so. I dunno....
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    @Scooterlam... so to clarify because I rambled above. . If you have your mortgage loans linked online then they will not show up in the Lifetime Planner (even though they are linked to the asset in Quicken in general) If you have them input manually, then they do show up in the Lifetime Planner.
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    @Scooterlam. Figured it out! If you have your mortgage account connected online and linked to the asset, you have to also add your "loan details" in order for them to link correctly in the Lifetime Planner. I have had my mortgage account details in there before but recently removed them for other issues related to how categories work for rental property escrow accounts. Long story!
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    Great to hear you figured out the issue! 

    While I don't have any online loans to test with, I'm curious if the missing loan details you speak of are the ones shown in image 1?   Strange how one could set up any loan, manual or online, and Quicken would not force entry of this detail!    Everything in that dialog is important to establish expense levels and timing for LTP, et al!

    You might want to search the community for "connected loans", "online loans".  Seems like there are some good discussions re: online v. manual loan in Quicken. Perhaps that will help you with your other issues.

    <edit>  If you like LTP and want to see it continuously improved, have a look at this idea thread and consider voting.

    FYI,  I asked a moderator to edit the title of this thread to something more descriptive so that others having a similar issue might find it via search:  Lifetime Planner Issue - Unable to link home asset and mortgage liability accounts
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    jnprop: Among many other issues with Quicken in the past 6 months, I discovered that I also have this one. Not to whine but I have lost confidence in Quicken, after 20 years of more or less minimal issues I have had a data file corrupted somehow, and 7 months of backups do not restore. Support cannot fix and tonight advised me to build a new file, ditch all my investment account data and start over. So I'm doing that at great disgust. Anyway, I started to rebuild the lifetime planner and cannot link assets to existing loans, as the loans do not appear. Can you explain what you mean by the fix you describe above. The loans are linked in the Quicken file, just they do not appear in the LTP. It decided to activate one of the loans for online download and while it found the loan with my bank it does not give me the option to link the loan to an existing account. So either I end up with two loans or have to again rebuild data. Did you have to set up your loan for online updating?
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