Several credit cards in net worth report from the Net Worth graph panel do not match the accounts

When I select the net worth report in the Net Worth by Assets and Liabilities graph panel several of the credit card accounts do not match the accounts as reported in the Accounts tab. The balances in the credit card accounts is correct in the accounts tab but is off by $1,000's in the net worth report and in the graph panel. I'm not sure but I believe the credit accounts that are wrong in the graph panel had credit card numbers changed because of compromised cards or when a new card number was issued for some reason. I did not delete or close the accounts I just disabled download, changed the credit card number in the account and reenabled download. This all worked fine. If I run the Net Worth report from the Quicken Standard Reports tab the liabilities are correct and the credit card totals match the actual accounts listed under the Accounts Tab.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to correct it?


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @hoffmtj

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. It sounds like we might need to do some troubleshooting to see what exactly could be going on. let's see if we might be able to get some more accurate numbers by doing a copy and validate. I'll leave an article on how to do so down below.

    Once you get a chance try this out and see if our reports are a bit more accurate. If not we'll see what we can try next.


    Quicken Francisco

  • hoffmtj
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    Did the copy and validate as you suggested. No change. The 3 credit card accounts still show large discrepancies between the actual account balance and what is reported in the report. There we many entries in the lag but none in the accounts in question most were in accounts that are closed.
  • hoffmtj
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    Found another problem with the reporting vs the actual account. Again the account shows the correct amounts but the Net Worth report (this time ran it from the Reports center) picks up a sold put option transaction as a unrealized gain when it was covered 9 days later. The report is high by the exact amount of the short sale of the put option. The correct total for the account in the account tab agrees with my broker.
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    Hello @hoffmtj

    Thank you for the response, although I am sorry to hear that the trouble continues to persist.

    At this time I would recommend contacting support directly for advanced troubleshooting steps.

    Quicken Care has the ability to initiate a screen share to view the issue in real-time to review and research this further.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

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