Is there a limit on the number of transactions in the check register?

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I am getting error 7003


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    In Q 2016 or older, error 7xxx is indicative of data file damage.
    Please perform all the actions in Step (2) of  this document in the order specified:
    When performing Validate, please select all available options in the menu. Afterwards please go to File / Printer Setup and re-setup your printer as needed.

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    HI @ternash71

    There is not a number limit on transactions - you can have as many transactions as your computer's hard drive can handle.  Here's some additional information on Quickens potential limits: .

    I don't know where that error code ( 7003 ) that you are getting is coming from, since - to the best of my knowledge - it is not a Quicken code.  Maybe, if you can give us some more information on it, we can try to figure out what's actually happening.


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  • Chris_QPW
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    Even though there isn't a stated limit, people have reported running into problems when the number of transactions in a non investment account is approaches about 30,000 (much less for an investment account).

    But the error you are getting is most likely not this problem, it is like @UKR said data file damage.
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  • pkeegan
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    Do you recall the nature of the problems some people reported when the number of transactions approaches 30,000? For example: performance issues (slowness in UI, downloads, report generation) or serious issues (crashes, error messages, etc.)?
  • Chris_QPW
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    @pkeegan Sorry, no I don't remember the details.  I know it wasn't "performance", but beyond that I don't remember the details of what wasn't working right.
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