Why does the onestep update now take two steps?

After a recent software update, the one step update process now takes two steps. First I click on the onestep update icon. Then I get a pop-up window that asks me if I really want to do the update. To me, that is two steps. I would like to click on the onestep icon, and then step away from the computer. The popup menu doesn't even put my cursor close to the answer. In fact, it put's my cursor on another display, and I have to bring it across two displays to tell it to go ahead with that I asked it to do.


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    If you are counting steps, OSU has always taken at least TWO steps.  You click on the OSU icon and then you put in a minimum of the Password Vault password.

    Every one wants to try to count clicks when they talk about OSU, but it is called One Step because you can get downloads for multiple accounts from multiple financial institutions in One Step, compared to the process required before of logging into each financial institution's website and doing individual downloads for each account and then importing the transactions into Quicken.  Lots of tedious, time consuming work, definitely not one step.

    I don't know why your setup is requiring you to click more times than it used to, but with my 5 Direct Connect financial institutions (23 accounts between them), I click on the icon, enter the Password Vault password and click again and it is off to the races, a couple of minutes later (at most) it is done.

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