Investment Allocation Report

The default asset allocation graph shows a table on the top right giving the split among the various investment categories in all investment accounts and a circle on the left showing the same information. Hovering the cursor over one of the segments shows the total in that category, and it matches the table. But if one customizes the report and limits it to a specific investment account (IRA, taxable, etc.), the graph in the upper right still shows the total in all investments while the graph now shows the split for that one investment only. Hovering the cursor over one of the segments shows the value of that investment type in the selected account only. Shouldn't the table also reflect only that one investment? Or am I missing something? Using Windows subscription, version R30.14.


  • Jim_Harman
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    It may not matter, but where do you start when you view this graph? the Home Screen panel, Investing > Allocations, or the Investing > Asset Allocations report?

    I looked at it briefly and did not see any problems.

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  • John75
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    Thanks for such a quick response. I am referring to the report one gets from Reports, Reports and Graphs Center, Investment Asset Allocation. As it turns out, this is the identical report obtained by selecting Investing, Investing Reports, Investment Asset Allocation. But as you say, if one selects Investing, Allocations, the report and graphs do then show the allocations by individual accounts or any combination of them. So I will simply use that way to get the information. But It does seem that the other report is misleading.