Investments categorized as expenses?

Good morning. Basic Quicken question about categorizing investments. Quicken seems to be treating my investment purchases as spending/loss, which throws off my spending and P&L views. What categories should I be using so that investment purchases don't show up as spending/loss in the spending and P&L views? Quicken correctly sees my investing accounts as such, so that's not the issue.



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    Hi @paolo99

    I would like to make sure that I have a clear understanding of your issue.

    When you say: "Quicken correctly sees my investing accounts as such, so that's not the issue."  I assume this means that when you click on the "Investing" Tab and then "Portfolio" you see all of your investments with appropriate data (such as price, number of shares, market value, cost basis, Gain/Loss, etc.).  Is that right?  If so, can you tell me how that data gets compiled there - do you manually enter the data, or do you download data that appears in this tab?

    And if the data on Investments in the "Investing tab is correct, then which type of investment data is appearing in the "Spending Tab" - i.e. what are the line item titles that you are seeing there that you believe are "investment purchases as spending/loss"?  Are you referring to the "Investment Expense" (or Invest Exp) line item or something else?

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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  • Sherlock
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    I suspect the investment accounts are not being included your spending and P&L views.  I suggest customizing the spending and P&L views to include the investments accounts.