Trying to balance checking account with my bank statement.

Every month since June, I've had to adjust quicken at the end of the month to match the bank statement. I've had to do that since June. Other accounts match the bank statement.


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    @Vince Drottar  It's hard to even guess at the source of your problem with the limited information provided. It's possible you have a variable opening balance which is changing each month, although that seems unlikely. Are you reconciling to Online Balance or to Bank Statement at the top of the reconcile window?

    When you start a reconciliation in Quicken Mac, it simply adds up all the money in and out for reconciled transactions since the beginning of time. If it doesn't match your bak statement, but did previously, this means something has changed in the past in Quicken. What? It's hard to know. You could have inadvertently deleted a transaction(s). You could have inadvertently marked a reconciled transaction as unreconciled, or visa versa. You could have added a new transaction but mistakenly dated it in the past. Is the amount Quicken shows you are off the same each month, or different? Can you associate the amount it says you are off with any one transaction or group of past transactions?
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  • Vince Drottar
    I’m reconciling to a bank statement. The adjustment amounts change every month. For example, I had to adjust the October statement by plus $868.21. The November statement required a negative $791.29 to reconcile the November bank statement.
    Shouldn’t adjusting one months statement make the next months statement balance without an adjustment?
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    @Vince Drottar  - Just so I understand clearly; there is one checking account that, when you try to reconcile at the end of the month, this one account needs an adjustment of some sort. And this all started in June? 
    Is there any sort of transaction in June that was uncommon, or did something else occur in June that was somehow overlooked and not recorded properly in Quicken?
    From what you have described thus far, it seems likely that if we fully account for oddities in June, we may then be able to more easily fix each subsequent month. If you have not already done so, please review each step in Reconciling Accounts in Quicken for MacIdeally we'll be able to track down, and fix, irregularities in each month and not need to input adjustments at all.
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    Quicken 2007 was a breeze. This 2021 for MAC is a nightmare, and no book to find the directions. Wow. If anyone knows how to find the secret to balancing a bank statement after manually entering a year of bank statements, PLEASE let me know. The software ALWAYS wants to make adjustments because it apparently can't comprehend "Beginning balance." Good grief. Any help out there in the "expert" community?
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    Try going to set up the account transactions to show the "Posting Date" column. When you have that done, reset the filters for "by Date". then go through and compare your transactions by date with the posted date. I highly suspect you will find transaction with the wrong date compared to Posting Date.
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