Transfer data file from 2010 ver. to subscription ver. on a different computer.

My wife has a laptop that is running windows 10 and Quicken 2010 H&O. She now has a new 2020 laptop with windows 10 home. I want to download a new subscription H&O to her new computer. I then want to move her 2010 data files from her old computer to the new computer that is/will be loaded with the new subscription ver. of H&O.

I am also running the subscription ver. H&O with my own data files on my desktop.

Can this be done with her maintaining her own personal data files on her new computer, independent of my data files on my desktop.


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    As you and your wife are in the same household you do not require a separate subscription.   Anyone may download and install the Quicken program from:

    There are a variety ways to copy the Quicken files from one computer to another.  One way is to use a USB drive.

    The subscription release should automatically convert the Quicken 2010 format files when you open them.
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