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I've managed to convert by Quicken files from version 2002 to version 2013 under Windows - and have a QDF file on a Windows VM. How would I go about now converting to a Mac subscription version but that would be on another Mac?

Do I just copy the QDF file to the other Mac, install the Mac subscription Quicken software and then open and convert the Windows file?




  • jacobs
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    Yes, you've got it. Copy the Windows data file to your Mac; launch Quicken Mac; if you don't land on the Let's Get Started page, go to File > New to get there; select Start from a Quicken Windows file, and select your old data file. 
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    Excellent, thank you. Will give it a go. After 18 years of Quicken 2002 UK, it might be time for a change. 😎
  • SusanHU
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    Hi Jason, found your post and have a couple of questions.

    I'm currently running a 2004 UK Windows version in compatibility mode, and just purchased Quicken Home and Business Canadian subscription (also Windows). I'm not completely up to date on the accounts for 2020, so I'm planning to complete those in my old UK version, but wanted to test the import process into the new Canadian version, especially the multiple currencies, as I fear it may be fraught!

    However, when I start the install for the new version, it says I can only have one version installed so it will uninstall my previous version, and I'm not ready for that yet!

    This is a long winded way of asking about the first part of your post above:

    "I've managed to convert by Quicken files from version 2002 to version 2013 under Windows - and have a QDF file on a Windows VM."

    Two questions - 1. How did you do the conversion? and 2. Are you able to run both Windows versions at the same time? Assume VM is a Windows Virtual Machine?

    Many thanks for any information you can provide!
  • jnoble100
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    Hi Susan, sounds like you are in a similar situation to what I was in. I just love the older Quicken look and feel and haven't had any motivation to upgrade - to a new annual paid subscription.

    I use Macs so wanted a Mac version and the upgrade route I had to take was Windows Quicken 2002 to Windows MS Money (and do a conversion to the Money format using Money). Then MS Money to Windows Quicken 2013. And then from Windows 2013 to the latest Mac version.

    You can only have one version installed, so I installed 2013 on another laptop and moved the data file across and then back to the Mac.

    Yes VM is a virtual machine - a Windows one for me. And this lets me run Windows on my Mac - and I only use the VM for Quicken (or did until now).

    I'm in 2 minds now what to do. I've got the new Mac version and old Windows versions both up to date but I still prefer the old Windows version. The new Mac one has some bugs in - see my other posts - and for what I want requires more clicks to get there, so is less efficient. I'm likely to cancel the paid subscription and revert back to the old version.

    Hope this helps.
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