Capital gains showing in Tax Schedule Report [Edited]

Fred L
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Oops ... figured it out ... never mind!


  • Fred L
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    V6.0.3 includes a bunch of extraneous entries in the Tax Schedule report. IRA dividend income, interest income, capital gains are not taxable items so shouldn't litter the Tax Schedule report.
  • jacobs
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    Are your IRA accounts codes as IRAs? That is, in the left sidebar, do they show up under a Retirement sub-heading under Investments? Or if you open the Account Settings for your IRA account(s), does it show Type=Traditional IRA? If Quicken knows it's an IRA, it knows it's not taxable income. 
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  • Fred L
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    Yes, properly flagged. Yes, dividend and income are each listed under non-taxable heading but cap gains are not. Yet the report has page after page of this irrelevant material. 
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