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Entries in a different order on the mobile app

tvpro@ Member ✭✭
edited May 2022 in Using the Mobile App
I don't understand this. On the Mac I set entries for an account, and rearrange them, to a specific order, the order they appear on the account'd website. When I sync Quicken to the mobile app, the entries on the phone are in a different order. It seems like a random order. Any arrangement created on the computer isn't honored on the mobile app list. This just seems wrong to me. It's makes it unnecessarily more difficult to work with.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Well here is a case where you have a feature in one application, but not in another.

    You have this nice feature that in Quicken Mac that you can rearrange the transaction's order.  No such feature exists in Quicken Mobile/Web.  In fact no such feature existing in Quicken Windows (but there is a "similar" feature where you can sort by order entered).

    So you can rearrange to your hearts desire In Quicken Mac, but that will have no affect on the order they appear in Quicken Mobile/Web.

    In Quicken Web you can sort by any of the columns and reverse the order of that sort.  As in if sorted by Date you can have the newest transaction at the top or the bottom.  You can control the order of the transactions that are on the same day.  Those is sorted in the "order entered".
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  • tvpro@
    tvpro@ Member ✭✭
    So the sync function just updates the Quicken database and doesn't actually the sync the application states. That's unfortunate..Not the behavior I'm used to in other applications that sync through a cloud server. Thanks for explaining this for me.
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