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When i opened my Quicken data file this morning (housed on computer), it is suddenly missing all of entries since September 30, 2020. I don't think have done anything to deserve this. I can recreate almost three months data, but hope not do that. Can I import from Time Machine and take care it? I have just upgraded to Big Sur and amusing Quicken Deluxe Version 6.0.3.


  • RickO
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    Just out of curiosity, do you have mobile/web sync enabled?

    I'm glad to hear you run Time Machine backup. Yes, you should be able to recover your file from there. First, navigate to the folder in which your file is stored. The easiest way to get there is to open Quicken and click menu File > Show "filename" in Finder. Then quit Quicken and activate Time Machine while at this folder in the Finder.
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    Also, are you certain that you opened your most recent Quicken data file? Often when people post that months of data have disappeared from their Quicken file, it turns out that they have unknowingly opened a data file saved several months ago. It's possible that in the upgrade to Big Sur or Quicken 6.0.3, the preference file for which Quicken data file to open by default didn't point to the correct file. 
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