How to generate a report for transactions that are missing a tag?

I can generate a report using "Any" or "All" of a set of selected tags. But sometimes I find that I want to generate a report for transactions that do not have a particular tag.

For example, I have a tag "Receipt" which I use to track transactions that have some kind of paper receipt as a backup. I want to generate a report that shows the transactions that lack this tag, so that as I am matching receipts to transactions, I am only looking at a list of candidate transactions; as I go on and add this tag to various transactions, the report would get smaller and smaller, making it easier to go through the remaining transactions and match them to receipts.

Is there a way to do something like this? Or is this a feature request? (Which reminds me: what is the best way to submit a feature request? I'm new here, so if there's a direct channel for feature requests, that would be great.)


  • belvis
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    D'oh! I just found the "Product Ideas - Quicken for Mac" category, which seems like the right place to make a feature request, so I at least have that covered. But if anyone has an idea how to do this now, that would be great!
  • jacobs
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    @belvis  Wouldn't this work:
    • Create a Transaction report
    • Go to Edit, and click on the Tags tab
    • Click include only transactions with Any of the selected tags
    • Click Select All at the bottom
    • Uncheck "Receipt"
    • Click OK
    The result is a report which shows all transactions except those with the Receipt tag. As you add the receipt Tag to any transactions, the report refreshes to show the shrinking list that remains.

    You might also want to limit which Accounts are included in the report, if you want to exclude, say, any Investment transactions.

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  • belvis
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    That does work, but only if the transaction has no other tags on it, which in my case is not very likely. If there are other tags on it, it will stay in the report since it matches the "Any" condition.
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