Will my data transfer accurately from Quicken 2015 Starter to the latest Starter version?

I have used Starter 2015 for 5 years and the computer it is on in starting to die. I have saved my data file to a external drive and downloaded the latest Starter version today? Can I just restore that file in my new version of Quicken? It would contain over 4 years of data.


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    Yes, it will convert to subscription Quicken by restoring a backup or just opening the .QDF file at the end of the install (if you are installing on the same computer).
    NOTE: Be advised that Starter Edition of subscription Quicken goes into READ ONLY mode if the subscription expires, so to keep using it, you will need to keep renewing the subscription and not get a new version (renew) every few years like you have been able to with QW2015.
    Quicken Deluxe and above end up losing some screen space when expired, but you can continue to use them in a completely manual mode.
    See this thread:  Expiration-Vote

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