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Can't Download Bank Transactions on a Mac

dlwester Member
I recently bought an Apple MacBook, and installed the latest version of Quicken on it. I have used Quicken on my Windows machines for a really long time. I exported the data from my Windows to my Mac.

On the Mac, I am unable to update my bank accounts using 'PNC Bank - Direct Connect'. I am able to update on my Windows PC, and I believe I have the exact same settings on the Mac as on Windows. The error I get is:

Oops. We're having a problem.
Quicken cannot communicate with PNC Bank - Direct Connect.
A server with the specified hostname cannot be found.

The hostname that shows up in the settings is This is the same name that I am using on my Windows machine. I can open this URL in my browser, so the problem is not because my machine can't connect to this server. And as I said above, it's working fine on my Windows PC.

I found the following on your web site:

"Some Users have reported that deactivating every connected PNC account in the data file and then reactivating through the Add Account flow has resolved this error for them.

Windows Users, go to the Tools menu > Add Account option.
Mac Users, go to the Accounts > New option."

It is unclear what I need to do here, but I definitely don't want to have to create a new account, I have too much data in the current one. I also found the following, but it says the error occurs because the bank changed their name, or that the account changed, and this is not the case for me - like I mentioned above, I'm using the same settings as on Windows, and that works for me. I also don't like the fact that doing this will give you duplicate transactions for 90 days.

Is there some way I can get some help troubleshooting this issue? Is there some kind of debugging logs I can turn on? This is a major issue for me, because I don't want to have to use my Windows PC any longer.

Dave Westerman


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited December 2020
    I can't offer any PNC-specific help, but I'll offer two thoughts:

    1) If you create a new PNC account to get downloads to work, you can then drag all the transactions from your old PNC account into the new one in just a few seconds.

    2) For help with specific financial institution connectivity issues, you can often get better help by contacting Quicken Support, where they can view your screen and log files, versus back-and-forth messaging with fellow users here.

    Some PNC users may chime in with more directed advice. 
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  • dlwester
    dlwester Member
    Thanks, Jacob!
  • dlwester
    dlwester Member
    In case anyone is interested, I finally figured out what was wrong. I looked at the Quicken HTTPLog.txt file, and found that my bank (PNC) was asking me to enter my mobile phone number. When I went to my account and added it, then everything started working.
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