Print report of ALL bills

I need a way to see ALL bills, only once regardless of frequency with the account they are coming from, even if they are a year or more out. Ideally, I would like to export to Excel so that I can sort however I want. The Home screen does not allow me to sort by Pay To or Account and I cannot find a bill. And one credit card is expiring and I need to see all the payments that I have to update.


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    Press Ctrl + J

    To export to a spreadsheet, press Ctrl + P, choose Export to:, select Tab delimited (Excel compatible) disk file in the pull-down menu and Export.

    I usually just walk through the Monthly Bills & Deposits tab.  Another approach is to use the Calendar (press Ctrl + K).  Again, its a monthly view but you may limit the accounts included.
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    Well, I was able to actually print the screen. I was looking under reports for something that would do this so I would have options.

    But the export does not work. It says it wrote a file but the file is not there. Does not seem natural that export is under print, should be a separate menu item.

    I will scan the printed report and hope it loads into Excel. Still don't see the bill that is 2 years out but will keep working on this.

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    Just wanted to check in on this and see if your approached has changed at all in the past year. Still can't find an easy way to get a list of my bills.
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