How do you Archive old transactions related to unreconciled Mortgage Accounts

I am trying to archive some older transaction that are related to some old mortgage accounts.

I cannot see how these mortgage accounts can be reconciled so the transactions can be archived.

Can someone provide some assistance with this issue?

Happy New Year!


  • Tom Young
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    edited January 2021
    There is a "Clr" column in the loan register for a manual loan.  Open the Account and then click on "Payment Details."  Put your cursor in the Clr box of the 1st payment and select that transaction.  Ignore the selection box for Uncleared, Cleared and Reconciled.  Scroll down to the last payment, put the cursor in the Clr box and then while holding down the Shift key select the last payment.  You can now mark all transactions as reconciled.

  • williamspl
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    :) Many Thanks!