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Issue with new year and register balance on one account only

Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
I have one account, which just happens to be the primary checking account we use, that when I have it set to show "All Dates" - all is good.  It shows the exact balance and all the current transactions that match with the online page with the Credit Union.

But, when I change it to "this year" - it goes negative, but almost $1,300.  This is the ONLY account it is happening with (3 Checking accounts, 3 savings account, 1 cash account and numerous Credit and investment accounts).

I can not find a reason to why this one account is doing this, and I dont like having it set to "all dates" if I dont have to.  And yes, Sync is turned off.


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Jim, what exactly is "going negative"? The running balance in the register? The balance in the upper right corner? Are the other filters (to the right of the Last Year one) set to Any Type and Any Status? On the right side just above the column headings, in a small font, Quicken shows the number of transactions, and their total amount, whenever you manually select one or more transactions, or if nothing is selected, the values for the current filtered view. 

    Here's a screenshot of a test file:

    I have is set to show the Transactions tab, and there is only one transaction so far in 2021. So when I set the date filter to This Year, is shows just that one transaction. The overall account balance shows correctly in both the register balance column and it the Today's Balance at the top right. And the smaller total under the Search box shows what's in the filtered view: 1 transaction for -$100.

    What is working differently for you than what I'm showing here?
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
    It is the transactions the balance of the register.  The online balance is legit.  I will try to upload a image with All Dates and then with this year so you can see.

    Regarding the 1 item for $100 in your example, I have numerous because I forecasted out to June of 2026 (my retirement date), but that set to "Not show reminders".

  • Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
    I even shut down quicken, rebooted. That didnt fix it.  I then loaded a backup from 10 December (under a new file name) and that shows the same issue.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Jim Moore said:
    I have numerous [future transactions] because I forecasted out to June of 2026 (my retirement date), but that set to "Not show reminders".

    Just trying to understand here: so you have 356 transactions entered for 2021? And these aren't scheduled transactions (which are still unpaid, e.g. gray italic transactions); you entered these as real transactions? (If you have the register set to show no reminders, and these were all scheduled transactions, they would not show in the register and would not be counted in the total of transactions shown.)

    There's clearly something unusual going on here, but I feel we haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. What happens if you try to narrow the time range in order to get a handle on this? If you try This Month. Or set custom dates for this week, or just today? 
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  • Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, I manually entered the transactions for paychecks, credit bills, electric bills, water bills, auto loan, auto insurance, etc.  I want to forecast when we will be completely out of debt prior to our retirement and this is my way of keeping me on track for it.

    But, here is the kicker. . . .I have similar transactions forecasted through June of 2026 on our other two checking accounts.  One is used for auto debit for a Heloc, Wireless and Internet.  The other is used for Auto Debit to our Roth's.  Neither of these accounts are showing the negative numbers when I set the register for "this year".

    As for your other request - this month, this quarter, custom dates (1 January - 8 January) all show the same negative transactions.

    And, up until today, I would go into all dates because I like to set up my online bills being paid at a month to month and a half ahead of where I am.  This is how I noticed it today.  I opened quicken and went to pay all of February bills and saw the negative in the balance column.  Previous to today, nothing was negative (and I know this is a false negative, due to comparing it to the online bank site.
  • Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Now, looking closer at one of the credit cards - it's doing the exact opposite.  Instead of a balanced owed (in negative) - it is showing a credit due (in positive) and each charge is adding to the credit due and not increasing the balance owed.

    other than 2021 starting (which I have been saying for a while will be 2020 on steroids), I can not understand why this just started happening at the turn of the new year.
  • glennsakglennsak Member ✭✭
    I'm having the exact same issue (balance not correct) in one account only.
  • Jim MooreJim Moore Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Apparently, I did have scheduled transactions that were hidden from me since I have the "set reminders" to "Do not show".  Once I deleted them, my balances were correct.

    Now, here is what I dont understand - a) where did they come from?  I dont use any kind of scheduling activity.  I manually enter everything.  I'm kind of OCD about that.

    But more importantly, b) these "scheduled" transactions were back from May through the middle of September.  Why did it take for the new year to have them show a negative balance?  Why wasn't the "running balance" affected by these hidden transaction reminders?
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    First, I'm glad you found and fixed the culprits. :) It seemed to me that there must be something hiding, but I couldn't guess further based on the screenshots you posted.

    Where did they come from? It's impossible to say, other than it's likely you inadvertently did create them. There are menu commands and keyboard shortcuts to schedule transactions, and I'd guess you thought you were entering a regular transaction but accidentally set it to repeat. It could always be a glitch in the software, but I've never heard of transactions being spontaneously created or converted to recurring transactions.

    As for why they were affecting your balance the way they were, I can't offer a theory on that either. It might have helped to see a screenshot of the register with the transactions there and seeing the running balance, but they're gone now. In my testing file, I have some recurring transactions well back in last year which I've never marked Paid, yet the running balance in the account remains correct whether I set it to All transactions or This Year.
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
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