Quicken 2004 XG (UK) File Transfer / update to Quicken 2013 via QIF


I just thought I'd provide some notes on how I (rather painfully) managed to transfer my Q2004 files to Q2013. It isn't straight forward when transfering from the XG (UK) version. This is also a thank you to this community and other websites for the information and files I needed to complete the conversion.

Hopefully this will save someone a bit of time - it took a while sorting out the QIF into a for import in a format Q2013 would work with.

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Transferring Quicken 2004 XG files to Quicken 2013

Set up Quicken 2013 ready to receive UK data

• Download and load Quicken 2013 onto a separate computer or virtual machine (You cannot run two versions of Quicken on the same operating system)
• Run patch to allow use of non ‘US English’ Languages

Create a template file on Quicken 2013 with UK settings:
• Set new account to multiple currencies ‘Edit – Preferences – Calendar and currencies’
• Enable all Tabs in ‘View – Tabs to Show’
• Set default currency to UK ‘Tools – Currency List’
• Remove all unwanted Categories ‘Tools – Category List’
• Save as file named ‘Template’ and backup (to avoid risk of accidentally overwriting)

Creating a QIF file for importing to Quicken 2013
• Export from Quicken 2004 XG a QIF file of ‘All Accounts’
• Clean QIF to correct date format using cleanQIF program (set to DMY format)
• Clean QIF to change transfers to categories using ChangeTransfer program

Import cleaned QIF file to Quicken 2013

• Import QIF to Quicken 2013 with all options ticked
• Go through all Red Flagged accounts and accept all imports (this may take a while)

Check Balance sheet against original Quicken 2004 balance sheet.


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    Nice write up!  Thanks for sharing.

    I'm going to add something that might help someone make the process is bit shorter if a person intends to end up in Quicken Subscription (the latest version).

    In Quicken Subscription they removed the processing of QIF files and instead send them directly into the register.  This is a real pain for anyone using QIF files for transaction downloading because it won't compare transactions to existing ones in the register, and it will not apply automatic categorization based on the memorized payees.  BUT for this use case it means that you don't have to go to each account and accept the transactions from the Downloaded Transactions tab into the register.

    Not much of a problem if all you have is a couple of accounts, but I have over 100 (mostly closed) and that process in Quicken 2017 and below can take a very long time.  So if your goal is to get to Quicken subscription you probably would be better off just using that.

    On the other hand for people that can't use any of the services from Quicken Subscription because they are in a foreign country, Quicken 2013 is the ideal version to use.  It is the last version that doesn't have an "online account".  Even Quicken 2014 to 2017 require a Quicken Id (which free, but who knows what will happen if Quicken Inc goes out of business).
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    I wanted to update this information with a bit more about using Quicken Subscription just in case someone was going to use it for US in a foreign country.

    First off a summary of Quicken Subscription's restrictions:

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