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New Year so I went to the Portfolio performance report. The growth of 10,000 is only picking up one stock in the portfolio. I clicked the Show Value/Cost button and it showed just the one security. I clicked Show All securities and it showed them in a table, but the graph wouldn't update.


  • Hello @Robert Fairley

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. I'm wondering why it might not show accurately on the graph.  We may want to try to do a copy and rebuild the lots to see if that might help us with this issue.


    You'll see the steps in the fourth step although instead of validating you'll want to select correct investing price history > repair

    Once you get a chance to try this out let us know how it goes. If it doesn't help we'll see what we can try next.


    Quicken Francisco

  • borntohike
    borntohike Member
    I have a similar issue using the Portfolio Value Graph by Account. I am looking at the graph for multiple years and something didn't seem right. I clicked on the settings icon, then Customize This Graph and found that many accounts were not selected. I selected the accounts and returned to the graph and there was no change. I went back to Customize This Graph and the accounts were still not selected. I tried several times and could not get the missing account to remain selected. I even tried Select All Accounts but it would not change. Can you help?
  • @borntohike

    Thanks for letting us know. I think in this case it may be best contacting Quicken Support via phone and sharing your screen with one of our support reps, if you feel comfortable doing so, to have the matter looked at. This will help us with figuring out what is happening.  I'll leave our hours down below so you can find a time that works best for you.  

    Quicken Francisco

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