Register layout (view) - can it be edited ? For Checking & Investing accounts?

As 2020 is now over, I'm verifying all of my account balances; correcting errors, etc....
And I just noticed as a I reconcile accounts, that each type of account, has a different display:

Checking, Savings & Credit Card accounts the Reconciled / Cleared field is way over to the right.
Investing accounts, the Reconciled / Cleared field is far left.

When checking that I'm done, I was clicking through each account (checking, savings, credit card, investing, etc) and thought I had missed some? Nope, cleared, reconciled was far right or far left, depending on the account type...
I can't see where or how to edit the Register Display, so that I have uniformity regardless of account type.
Click & drag doesn't work; edit preferences, doesn't either.


  • Tom Young
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    Those positions are "hard coded" and can't be changed.  You have some limited ability to edit how Accounts look and what's included, but it doesn't extend to moving the columnar layout.
  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @MishawakaKirk

    Unfortunately, there are very few options available for column relocation in Quicken for Windows.  The only ones that you can change are shown in "Register Preferences" - see the below Snip



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