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Seeing five quicken files modified on iMac (date time) modified on MacBook (dates times0

For the last week every time I open my 25 year old quicken file I am getting a dialog box asking which file do I want to keep. Anywhere from two to five files will be in the dialog box from two different Macs and several times and recent dates. Today I openeed which was the latest one according to the times and it was not the latest one. Fortunately I was able to find it in a backup. Nobody is on my iMac it is at my home in IL and I am on my laptop in Florida. I sync my desktops using iCloud but have for two years. What is going on this is very concerning and worrysome.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @trstahly  Can you provide more information about your set-up so hopefully correct advice can be offered.

    Let's start with what version of Quicken you are using, and what version of macOS you are running.

    Storing your Quicken data file on iCloud is not supported and strongly advised against because a number of odd and problematic behaviors may result. I'm not sure from the information we have whether or not this is part of your problem, but I'd definitely encourage moving your Quicken data file off iCloud. (It's fine to have your backups go there, jus not the active data file.)

    My suggestion is to go to the top level of your Mac -- "Macintosh HD" in most cases -- double-click on Users, inside users locate your Home folder (it may have your name, or any name; it's the one with the little home icon) and double click on it, and inside your home folder create a new folder for Quicken Data (this will be at the same level as Applications, Desktop, Documents, Music, etc.). This location is easily accessible, will be backup up by Time Machine, but won't automatically be synced to iCloud. There are other places you could put your Quicken data file; that's just a suggestion.
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  • trstahly
    trstahly Member ✭✭
    Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100)
    Big Sur 11.1
    I think you are correct that I probably need to put an alias on my desktop and keep the file off iCloud and just make sure I have the new copy with me on my external when I travel to florida for two weeks and replace it when I get home.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @trstahly  Again, it's safe to put back files on iCloud, so you don't even need to copy it to an external drive when you travel. Just keep your live file on your local computer.
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