After installing latest version, how do I get a new activation code?

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:# I've been using Quicken for decades and for the most part everything has run smoothly. However, all of a sudden after logging into my Quicken Deluxe desktop account, I'm redirected to and I get stuck in a loop. It's mistakenly thinking I still have Home & Business. I downloaded and reinstalled the latest version but when I go to activate it, it says I've already used my original activation code. How do I get a new activation code?


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    It sounds like it thinks your subscription isn't active, or maybe you are just not getting logged in.

    There is only one program, what determines if it has Deluxe, Premier, ... features is the subscription.  So when you start Quicken and isn't logged in and doesn't know what you have it shows Home and Business.

    If you go to and log into your account you can make sure your subscription hasn't expired.

    If it has expired the way you get a new activation code is by buying Quicken from a retailer.  Or you can also just pay for it on (but it might be cheaper from the retailer). If you buy from they activate/update your subscription right away and an activation code isn't used.

    If your subscription is still active and you can't get logged in I suggest you contact Quicken support to help with that problem.
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