Was my order placed and was I charged the discounted price?

I have been trying to order Quicken Mac Deluxe for the past hour. Order was not being accepted because of the auto-fill for my city. When I gave up, and confirmed order with the city auto-filled, I see that I was being charged the non-discount price. Please confirm receipt of the order and the price. Thank you.
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Please do not call me before 12:45 or between 1:00 and 3:00 PST on Wed. Jan. 6. Thank you.


  • Sorry, I'm flustered!!! Please call me between 10:00 and 12:45 or after 3:00 PST.

    Thank You.
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    This is a semi-public forum you shouldn't be posting personal information like this here.  And this also isn't "customer support" which you call for order problems.  You should edit the above post to remove the personal information and use this link to contact Quicken support.
    Contact Quicken Support

    Also on the price, the "discount prices" are for "new users" (or a user whose subscription has lapsed for over 30 days).  It isn't for existing users.  Note that you can usually get better prices at retailers like Costco.
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  • Sorry, Chris, I did not realize this is a semi-public forum. I was looking for "customer support", which I could not locate, and, therefore, I reached out to the only contact I could find which was getting to you.

    I'm not an existing user, but a new user. I tried ordering a program only to be blocked during the ordering process because my city was being auto-filled by another city. By the time I got that figured out, my order was gone from the screen. So I started over, going with the auto-fill city, and that is when I noticed the price difference. I will Contact Quicken Support in the morning. I do remember looking at this page, but it did not list New Orders.

    Sorry for your time. Have a good evening.
  • So, Chris, how do I edit my original message to remove my name and phone number, as you suggested?
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    It sounds like you should have got that discount and their system messed up.  Quicken Support should be able to straighten that out.

    There is no reason to apologize the forum is made up other users that just want to help and the moderators from Quicken Inc.  We are glad to help.

    On the editing of the original post.
    There should be a gear icon in the upper right of that post.  Select that and it should allow you to edit it.  If not I'm sure once a moderator sees this they will remove that information for you.
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  • Thank you, Chris. I don't mean to sound abrupt, but I got so frustrated in trying to place my order. I hope I didn't come across that way. Thank you for your polite reply and I really do hope you are having a good evening. Thank you, again, Chris, for your polite and professional replies to my messages.
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