New Issue with Banking Reconciliation

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I'm a longtime Quicken user with a new, vexing problem. Today, I reconciled my Wells Fargo bank account, and there was an unexplained different of $X. There are no pending transactions at WF or in Quicken. There are no uncleared or reminder transactions in Quicken; I checked with the filter. There is no transaction in the Quicken file that corresponds to $X.

I reconcile my accounts weekly and backup regularly. When I restore a backup from four days ago (that reconciled perfectly), it now shows a difference of $X. Same with backups from one month and one year ago, all with a difference of $X. The WF balances match their printed statements, so the problem is in Quicken.

Is it possible that Quicken is suddenly ignoring certain transactions that suddenly total $X? Any other ideas on what is going on?

Thanks in advance.

Quicken 2020 for Windows, R30.19


  • Tom Young
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    The usual culprit in a situation where "every current transaction is properly accounted for but I still can't reconcile" is some transaction or transactions in a "prior" period have been altered somehow or deleted.
    The fact that the difference seems to be propagating backwards into "known good" files suggest that Quicken's "cloud" might be the source of the problem.  Try disconnecting from the Internet - pull the plug - and see if opening those same backups results in the same problem, or not.
  • bob7503
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    Tom, thanks for your prompt reply, but no luck.

    I turned off cloud sync in the online update panel and deleted the cloud info (by clicking "sign on with a different ID" and then signing back on to Then I disconnected from the internet, restored from a known good backup from a week ago and compared that offline balance with the online balance at my bank (with the same transactions cleared). The two balances are still off by the same $X.

    Where do I go from here?

    Thanks, Bob
  • bob7503
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    Tom, this is now fixed - but I have no idea why. I logged on and updated transactions again and everything squares with the bank.

    I appreciate your help. This certainly teaches me to avoid Quicken Online.

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