Mortgage Forbearance/Baloon Tracking

Anyone have an idea how to have the amortization calculations match up for mortgages that were put into forbearance and now have a deferred amount due at the end. The amount at the end isn't accruing new interest, so it is part of the balance but not an "interest accruing" part of the balance. If you add it to the balance of the debt, it totally screws up the split that quicken amortization calculates on a month to month basis as well as the payoff amount at the end. what I think I need is a "balloon" due at the end that shows as a debt but not accruing. One fix would be to put that amount in another account as a 2nd mortgage that isn't accruing interest, but I have a bunch of properties and don't want ANOTHER account for each of them (in addition to the existing, asset, liability, and escrow that already exists for each of them).

Thanks in advance!


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think you've hit on the correct answer.  Quicken's program just wasn't designed for this particular situation.
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