Can I give bank downloads a specific date?

I previously used a very old copy (2006?) and have manually balanced registry. I have not balanced since May 2020 but have some deposits and expenditures in my register on computer. I recently purchased the new Quicken version R30.19. I am concerned connecting to bank account and bringing in all that data and having to sort through. It there a way to tell the "upload" from bank that I want it starting from January 1, 2021?

I use Quicken for business and personal so must create my income/expense and tax data reports.

But after reading some folks problems with importing data from bank, I may continue my old fashion way; continue to use as a checkbook register and balance from paper statements. A little time consuming but maybe less frustrating than having things appear, disappear, and randomly categorize on their own. (I have years of my own categorizes). I do have frustration issues so I try to avoid exacerbating situations.

Thanks for any help.


  • studpup
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    When you connect Quicken to the bank, it'll download all your transactions in the past 90-ish days, some banks it goes back further. In the downloaded transactions, you can accept the one(s) you want (this year's transactions) and mass-delete the rest. You'll then be in sync. 

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    You can control the download if you do Web Connect .QFX file downloads.  Once you are caught up, then you would "improve" the connection to do One Step Updates which is the process referred to by @Studpup which you can not control the amount downloaded during the initial download.
    See this FAQ for more information: FAQ - Download old transactions

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    Also, FWIW, once you do get 'in synch' having deleted the transactions that are before your desired time, those transactions will not reappear.  Cleaning them out is a one-time process.  
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