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I'm a 20 year Windows user - and brandy new to the Mac version - but I dont seem to see a way to do a global search.  Am I missing something?  I want to search, for example, for "Bob's Plumbing" and I dont remember whether I paid by cash or which credit card.   In windows I could search easily for this. 


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    On the left sidebar at the top you can click on "All Transactions" where you can search and filter as needed. This lets you look at transactions from the Banking and Investing categories. Do you see this option?
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    To add a little info, after you click the All Transactions register, look for the search box at the upper right. You can click the magnifying glass icon to restrict the search to one displayed column. 
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    If you want to search in the Memo/Notes field, you'll have to make that column visible in the All Transactions register (by clicking on the columns icon in the bottom toolbar); it's hidden by default. This is just a one-time configuration set-up.
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