I have a major problem that quicken will not let me fix

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I messed up a reconcile in the month of Nov and now it will not let me fix this mistake. I saved my file and then pulled up a previously backed up file, that did not have that reconciliation in it, found my mistake and corrected it and my file balanced. So I wrote down all of my outstanding transactions and what the CORRECT prior balance should have been and plugged those numbers into my Dec reconcile. As I am finishing up it now tells me that my prior balance does not match what quicken thinks it should be so it now wants to deduct a large amount of money so "it will be right" I am afraid that if I do this and then simple delete the balance adjustment that it will carry the mistake on. So how, outside of using the other file and adding all of my deposits and deductions for Dec by hand and then doing another reconcile is there a way to fix this?


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    You have to reconcile the months in order.  If I understand correctly, you have already reconciled Dec and are now trying to correct something in Nov.
    In Quicken, the prior balance is calculated from all of the Reconciled "R" transactions in the register.  So, if you have any "R"s in Dec, then will cause the prior balance in a Nov re-reconcile to be different than it was the first time.
    I would just reconcile Dec and treat Nov as part of it.

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