Changing between Complete and Simple investing clears history downloaded transactions

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I start with an account that is in Complete mode, and has been updated, and reconciled.
The correct cash amount is 24.10, and importing the same QFX file gives the expected result telling me that there are no new transactions.

Now switch to Simple mode (still correct):

Import QFX file.
First thing I notice is it doesn't post the above dialog stating that there aren't any new transactions.
Then I notice the cash amount.

Note that if I import the QFX file again I do get:

So what caused the -364 instead of 24?

Switching back to Complete mode shows what happened.

The last 90 days of transactions got downloaded again.  Quicken "forgets" that what transactions it has already downloaded.  And it does this on every change from Complete to Simple or from Simple to Complete.

For instance now that I have switched from Simple back to Complete, if I import that QFX file again I get.

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