Why can't I get rid of the screen explaining the update to Windows Quicken on my Mac?

I use Quicken for Windows inside Parallels on an iMac. When the program updates, the explanation of the changes pop up as a screen that's almost impossible to delete? Someone else posted with the same problem but the keystrokes that work on a PC don't work on a Mac to close that darn screen. Ideas?


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    I run QWin under Parallels on my Mac also and have never had this issue.  The next time it happens, can you take a screenshot (use the Mac shortcut of cmd-shift-4 - the screenshot will appear on the Mac desktop) and post it here?  Happy to try to help with a little more info.

    You CAN use any and every PC keystroke within parallels.  Click the keyboard icon in the top right of the Parallels VM window - screenshot below - keyboard is the leftmost icon on the top row.  Click Customize if you need keystrokes that are not listed.

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    I have a feeling this is a "windows scaling problem".  As in you have scaling set so that you aren't meeting the min requirements for Quicken for the display and as such can't see the bottom of that window.

    At the moment I can't get that window up because it is disabled (nothing new to report on for my version), but it is a very large window and the checkbox to "not show again" is at the bottom left of it.  If the bottom/top of the window is outside of your display area you would have a problem seeing that checkbox/closing the window using the mouse (Alt+F4 would be the way to close a window through the keyboard).
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