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How do I print 1-month view of Budget in Quicken for Mac?

I'm using Quicken Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100). There are no icons to print the 1-month budget directly from the Budget section, like there exists for the 12-month budget view. The only option is to click on File > Print and that results in formatting where I can't scale the 1-month budget to fit on one printed page.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The short answer is you can't, other than what you've already found from File > Print.

    There's some history here. The re-write of Quicken Mac began a decade ago with a program called Quicken Essentials. The current Quicken Mac was built with the Essentials code as a foundation. The one-month budget view is one of the carry-overs from Essentials. These reports offered charts and no user-formatting. As Quicken Mac has developed, the 12-month budget was one of the top user-requested features -- but the one-month view has survived. I imagine it will get re-written some day.

    My suggestion for the best way to print a one-month budget is to actually export the 12-month budget, open it in Excel or Numbers, quickly delete the other columns if you just want the one month of data. What's left will likely fit on one page (it depends how many categories you have in your budget, of course); you can tweak the fonts and size in the spreadsheet to format the output however you want. Yes, it takes a few more clicks and time to get what you want, but you can get there.
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