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For many months now, I've been having issues with both my wife and I's Vanguard 401k accounts. Many times when performing my one-step updates, either the unit price of the fund gets wiped out or it brings in the wrong price. Often times, I need to go into 'Holdings' for each account and update the 'Quote/Price' manually. Is this a widespread occurrence?


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    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I'm wondering here if we may need to try updating the fund in the security list. To do this navigate across the top to tools > Security list. From here select the fund in question and we'll want to click on it to open it up. In the top left you'll see that is has an update button that we'll want to try. You can also check on the securities details on the left and make sure that they're showing the correct name/Symbol. Once you've done this see if we're still unable to get updates. If we aren't let us know and we'll see what we can try next. 


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    Thank you Francisco for your update. After a second look, I noticed that the main holding for one of my funds changed from:

    T.Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund, Ticker: TRBCX to...
    T.Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Trust (Class T6), and this new fund has no ticker.

    I go into Vanguard and the security has a price per share but no ticker code so of course, every time I manually change in Holdings to reflect the Trust's price, it gets overwritten with the original fund's price causing the issue. Do you know if other customers have experienced similar issues?
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    Thanks for the update.  After taking a look it looks like there isn't much information available about the new fund overall just yet. In this case if you'd like it to remain updated you'll have to have to manually update it for the time being until we're able to also see additional tracking information on Morningstar. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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    I would guess that with "Trust" in its name rather than "Fund", this is a special 401(k) security and is not publicly traded. 401(k) providers often create these securities with similar names and investing objectives to their publicly traded funds but (usually) a lower management fee.

    Because of this, it will not get a ticker symbol and price quotes will not be available from Quicken's quote provider.
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    Thank you both. Makes sense. I’ve made the necessary changes on my end. Thanks!
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